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Ocean Ridge Living

Are you interested in living in Ocean Ridge? Today the 1,675 year round residents and the approximate 1,000 more seasonal inhabitants of Ocean Ridge describe the Town as low-key, low-density and low profile. Solitude and seclusion are part of life in this small town. Surprisingly enough, people only a few miles away do not know where Ocean Ridge is located. In a May 10, 1992 Palm Beach Post article referring to Ocean Ridge it was stated, “It may be dull, but the residents like it that way.”  If you enjoy beautiful beaches and outdoor activities, call Ocean Ridge home builder, Steve Cury Construction today to discuss your custom home needs.

History of Ocean Ridge

Established initially as “Boynton Beach”, the town changed its name due to often mis-delivered mail (confused with Dayton).  Major Nathan S. Boynton was a Port Huron, MI resident who in 1897 built a hotel with 45 rooms and six cottages for other northern guests to escape the harsh winters of Michigan.  75 percent of the guests were from Michigan and many of them used the hotel as their Winter home.

The first bridge was built at Ocean Avenue in 1911. It was made of wood and had a foundation in the center of the canal and the bridge tender would use a wrench type pipe about four feet long to manually swing the bridge open in a northerly and southerly direction. The bridge tender lived in a small frame house where the Banana Boat Restaurant is today.  Today Ocean Ridge is a wonderful community with lots of ambiance. If you are looking for a beautiful and serene location for your next home, call Ocean Ridge custom home builder, Steve Cury Construction today!


Cost of Living in Ocean Ridge FL

Index                                                   Ocean Ridge               Florida             USA

Cost of Living Index                          183.6                           102.8               100

Grocery                                               103.5                           102.8               100

Healthcare                                           98.1                            98                    100

Housing                                               351.9                          102.6               100

Utilities                                               96.9                            101.3               100

Transportation                                     126.7                           112.6               100

Median Home Cost                             $1,075,500                  $294,900         $291,700


Ocean Ridge Climate

While the humidity in Ocean Ridge has been described as stifling in the Summer, there are six comfortable months that range in temperature from 70-85 degrees.  August is the hottest month with an average high temperature of 90.1 degrees.  The Winter low (January) is 57 degrees so there will be no snow.  Ocean Ridge averages 61 inches of rain each year.  The most pleasant months of the year are March, December and February.  If you can tolerate a few weeks of humidity in exchange for a beautiful Winter, call Ocean Ridge home builder, Steve Cury Construction today!