Commercial Construction

Steve Cury Construction, a leading commercial general contractor, collaborates closely with you throughout your entire building project. Due to this, we oversee design, construction, permitting, ensuring precision. Furthermore, our unique position includes construction management. From planning to execution, we handle commercial and custom home construction. Count on us for your construction and remodeling needs. We possess industry expertise, excel at translating drawings, and meet deadlines. In conclusion, whether it’s a large-scale project or small remodeling, we’ll realize your architectural vision. We handle all the necessary permits.

What truly sets us apart is our dual role as commercial general contractors and construction management experts. This unique combination enables us to assist you in every aspect, from initial planning and design to the final execution of your commercial or custom home construction projects.

At Steve Cury Construction, we’re here to meet all your commercial construction and remodeling needs. Furthermore, our deep understanding of the construction industry enables us to effectively translate technical drawings. Additionally, we’re committed to meeting deadlines, making us your ideal partner. So whether you have a large-scale commercial construction project or need small-scale remodeling, you can count on us to bring your architectural dreams to life.

Scope Of Commercial Construction Services

We personally come out to inspect the property, ensuring accurate building and construction price quotes. Additionally, we exclusively source high-quality materials at competitive rates. This guarantees precision in our initial budgeting phase.

We can work closely with your designer or architect during the early project phases, providing valuable recommendations to enhance cost efficiency.

Once we have the completed design, we can often suggest alternative products or construction techniques to save money or improve value.

We handle all stages of the permitting process, starting with preliminary applications and filings with government agencies, and continuing through approval from Homeowners & Condo Associations.

From simple renovations to extensive design changes, we collaborate closely with you to grasp your needs and suggest the most budget-friendly solutions. We conduct a thorough budget analysis to guide your space’s optimal design choice.

From customized build outs to franchise setups, we’re here to demonstrate how we can get your company up and running in your new space quickly. After all, you aren’t generating income until your business is open, and we’re dedicated to making your deadlines happen.

With our extensive experience in multi-unit restoration and remediation projects, we’ve successfully tackled new hotel construction and remodeling throughout Martin and Palm Beach counties. These projects range from total gut/renovations to reconfigurations and amenity additions.

Leveraging our interior remodeling expertise, we can design within your budget. If you’re utilizing storage facilities or flex space, we’ll evaluate your needs and suggest the ideal structure type. This may include pre-engineered steel, reinforced masonry, or tilt-up construction.

Whether you are looking to build a brand-new building from the ground up or build-out in a current area, we can develop and build the space you want.

Focusing on all facets of commercial construction, we take pride in delivering exceptional performance and reliability. Additionally, what sets Steve Cury Construction apart is our consistent ability to provide service and quality that exceeds expectations. Because of our extensive experience in project administration and management, we can deliver top-notch work swiftly, ensuring no delays in the construction schedule. Contact us to quote your next project.