What Tenants Look For In Commercial Buildings

If you are starting a mid-sized commercial building construction project, you probably want to fill it with tenants when it is completed. In order to do this, you need to create a building that tenants will want to rent space in. Overall, tenants want an environment that makes them feel productive, healthy, safe and happy. How does one accomplish all of this with mid-sized commercial building construction? Here’s what tenants are looking for in a commercial building.

What Tenants Look For In a Mis-Sized Commercial Building Construction Landlord


Depending on what type of tenants you are trying to attract, location is key. Tenants that will have customers and clients visiting their office will want to be easily found and in the center of town. Tenants that are working solo maybe a little more flexible about visibility, but they're still going to want ease of access to the building.


Tenants want to feel safe at every level. There is safety of body and security. With safety of body, tenants are looking for a healthy environment to work in, in a properly constructed building that won't put them at risk. This is why we highly recommend investing in renovations and new buildings over purchasing an old building that is in questionable shape. There are many practices in construction that were once allowed which are no longer considered safe for your tenants. It's important to have a professional who is aware of these hazards. It is also a good idea, once your building is built, to install effective security systems to protect the building.


When constructing a building, there are proven methods and layouts which can increase productivity and reduce crowding. When you hire a company like Steve Cury Construction, you are getting a company that is familiar with these practices and has experience building commercial buildings.


Atmosphere is so important if you are trying to attract tenants to your building. Overly harsh decor and lighting can set the wrong tone for your building, and make people dread the thought of working there. A good atmosphere is created in a number of ways, from the paint you choose to the amount of windows available.

If you are trying to attract tenants to your commercial building, you need the right builder. Make sure you study your market and find out what tenants near you are looking for. Do you own or work in a commercial building? What do you think tenants are looking for? Let us know in the comments below.


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