Restaurant Design Tips for New Owners

If you just purchased a restaurant, there are a few things to consider before you get down to designing your space.  Our Restaurant renovation services have given us the opportunity to learn quite a bit about restaurant design in general.  Here are some of the things we've learned.

Follow These Design Tips When Hiring for Restaurant Renovation Services

If you're renovating or building a restaurant, here are some important tips to follow.

Tip One:  Balance Design and Seating

You want to make sure you have the balance between design and profitability.  This means you need to find the right mix of design aesthetic and maximum seating capacity.  You don't want to sacrifice appearance and comfort to fill the building, but you also want to be sure you fit as many seats as possible without compromising the quality of the experience.

Tip Two:  Keep It Moving

Another aspect of layout is circulation.  You want to ensure that your design layout promotes movement and allows people to get around.  Your bar area, specifically, should seem open and allows for your staff to work efficiently and operate smoothly.

Tip Three:  Understand Your Concept

You want to infuse your concept and brand into everything you do, without being too cheesy.  Try incorporating your brand into your design by planning well ahead.

Tip Four:  Know the Dark Areas

There are certain areas of any restaurant that are just no-mans land.  Near the kitchen, bathroom, or entrances, for example, are unpopular seating choices.  Try to utilize these spaces rather than ignore them, or worse, try to force people into them.  Make them functional by adding a service station, or hostess stand.  Once you know your dark areas, you can figure out how they will contribute to the design rather than holding it back.

Tip Five:  Don't Forget the Customer Experience

You want to be always thinking of what the customer will experience at your restaurant.  Make sure you have popular ventilation so that aromas are pleasant and never stagnant.  Design the space so that inclement weather won't make a difference.  Your restaurant should be comfortable all times of the year.

Tip Six:  Service Experience Counts, Too

Your employees need an efficient work environment to do their best.  That means making sure they are fully equipped for any task you assign them.  Make sure there is ample space for them to move about, as well as easy-access points for all necessary items, even if they are in a rush.

When you design a restaurant properly, it is a better experience for everyone.  What have you noticed about restaurants when space is poorly designed?  Let us know in the comments below!


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