Increase The Value Of Your Home: Construction Trends in Jupiter

New construction trends emerge every year and if home remodeling is at the top of your to-do list, you need to check out some of the greatest trends that are making waves in the construction industry. Of course, to ensure that everything goes as planned, you need to hire a custom home builder Palm Beach company to materialize your home remodeling plan. Let’s take a look at some of these trends that are sure to increase the value of your home:

Smart Home Upgrades

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The digital age has influenced the construction industry to kick designs and concepts up a notch. By integrating technology into your home, you’ll be able to gain control and convenience, which is honestly, a time saver. Using an app on your tablet or smartphone, you can make technology work on your favor. One of which is the voice controlled smart speaker. There’s no doubt that when companies talk about convenience, it will surely sell. Just imagine saving time on a regular basis. It makes your life easier without a doubt!

Smart home gadgets provide you with quick access to data related to security. Say you’re away or you took a vacation for a couple of weeks and you want to keep intruders at bay, not to worry-by accessing your smart security camera, you’ll be able to monitor anyone who attempts to enter your property. Neat. There are also energy monitors and smart meters which can allow you to determine the gas and electricity you have consumed.

Of course, who could forget about automation? If you’re tired and you don’t want to manually control your home gadgets, automation is the answer. It enables you to set up actions so you don’t have to get stuck in routines and rules that make you expend a lot of energy. There’s no need to get up just to get things done. Automation reduces manual labor.  It’s a wise move when you’re thinking about a smart home or condo remodeling idea.

Then there are robots. Who could ever forget robots? Are you familiar with gadgets that can operate themselves without humans required? It might be one of your dreams to own robot lawn mowers, robot vacuums and so on. It’s smart home in the real sense of the word because these robots are doing the household chores for you. Well, to get started with the smart home, you need three essentials: time, budget and enthusiasm.

Smart Home-Getting Started Is Easier Said Than Done

Well, you could simply buy a connected home gadget and you’re good to go right? It’s simple but you need to have that enthusiasm to ensure that you get the results you desire. For instance, each year, technology changes before you can even adapt to them. If you’ve been falling behind these changes, it might be a challenge for you to make your dream smart home a reality. One connected home gadget is not enough to get your smart home to work. You need to work any additions in the future.

You’ll need to start with choosing a smart home system to use. This could mean a lot of things. And it also depends on the goal you want to achieve. So if you want to set up home automation, you might want to consider one powerful app that will make it possible to bring convenience into your home. Smart home ecosystems like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit and Works with Nest let you get the most out of your smart home system.

Goodbye Stainless-Steel, Hello Copper!

custom home builder jupiterHave you ever wondered whether stainless steel appliances will still be popular in 2019? Well, they’ve been a long-lasting trend, but after 2 decades of being a permanent fixture in Florida homes, stainless-steel and white appliances have been replaced by other materials like copper, stone, and granite. For instance, you can bring your kitchen back to life with colored stoves and refrigerator. Consider metals and finishes as they look attractive. Don’t miss the opportunity to personalize your kitchen. It should exude your personality. Don’t be afraid to go for bold appliances, stone surfaces, and interesting fixtures.

White stainless-steel appliances might not completely go out of style, but they work well when mixed with other metals. Over the last five years, many major manufacturers have tried mixing different metals to achieve an extraordinary effect. With a kitchen that’s becoming more integrated, you can expect your kitchen to exude sophistication. In 2019, gold and brass will make a comeback. So there’s no reason for you to stick with one finish as there are plenty of choices to consider. When done carefully, mixing metals can make your high-end homes more appealing.

How about appliances with matte and satin finishes? Whether they’re made of steel or other metals, these finishes will be homeowners’ favorite. In the past, matte finishes are thought to be boring, dull and flat, but because they’re easy to clean than other finishes, matte is here to stay. How about black stainless steel, you may ask? They’re back in popularity and leading manufacturers are using them. They’re elegant, unique and sophisticated. There are many design options that can complement white appliances. If your kitchen is more integrated, you can also consider modernizing the rest of your home. Try matching your cabinets with your appliances.

There are also features of your kitchen that you can choose to shine. You can create a focal point this way. While it looks like a uniform look, it’s a less fussy style which blends well with your living spaces. You’re creating a livable kitchen this way.

Energizing colors and bright shades are also perfect for your appliances. When you match it with the rest of your house, you create a fun and frisky indoor environment. So in case you’re planning to start a home remodeling project, pick anything but white. You might also want to take your time to do your own research so you’ll know the design that fits your home’s style. Whether you have a modern or contemporary home, it’s important to choose a style that compliments your home. You also need a reliable home builder to do the job.

Minimalist and Modern Bedroom

Minimalist and modern bedrooms are now becoming one of the hottest trends in the construction industry. One may perceive minimalist designs to be boring but as they say, ‘less is more’. Simplicity can calm you down. Less clutter, less distraction.

If you’re not a great fan of wild color schemes, oversized patterns or knickknacks, minimalist decorating style is the way to go. Minimalism is not about black and white. It’s all about decorating for function by removing the unnecessary. If you want to go home to a quiet space, minimalistic bedrooms will help you relax.

  • Open Space

If you like to have your own minimalist bedroom, having an open space makes a difference. A bare wall is not going to be a problem as it creates a more streamlined and clean effect. You can also hang as many pictures as you like without worrying about the clutter. Unadorned walls are never going to be a problem. Your only focus is on your necessities like the nightstands or dresser tops.

  • Small Touches

There are two words to describe minimalism: simple and clean. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t make room for artwork or pattern. There are small touches like small print, simple structures, and many others. The goal here is to create a tranquil feel. Use solid blocks of color and do away with the large florals and fussy prints. A large piece of painting on the wall is enough to complete your minimalistic style. Be careful though-not all pieces are created equal so choose wisely.

  • Balance and Harmony

Another thing that you should pay close attention to when considering minimalism is the balance and harmony. The style is all about paying attention to scale. By balance means taking the size of the room and the pieces into consideration. Large pieces for large rooms, tiny pieces for tiny rooms. Your main goal is to make the decor and furniture as proportioned and symmetrical as possible. Making sure that the layout of your room is properly balanced is the trademark of a minimalistic style.

  • Free of Clutter

The minimalist style is not for you if you like displaying collectibles or painting your room with bursts of colors. A serene vibe is what the minimalist style tries to achieve. It’s welcoming and friendly. There’s no need for additional furnishings. Just a few pieces of artwork and you’re all set. When minimalism is done right, you can achieve a look that’s elegant and simple at the same time.

  • Limited but Interesting Palette

The minimalist style isn’t always synonymous with a gray, white and black palette. Although these are popular colors, you can still use other colors depending on your preference. The idea is to keep the palette simple and straightforward. Avoid combining two hues because it defeats the purpose of creating a minimalist decor. Choose neutrals as they work best for minimalist style. You can also choose mid-tone shades or moody darks. These colors have a way of making the room calm and serene.  Hire custom home builder Palm Beach company to ensure that you achieve your design and construction goals.

Tankless Water Heaters

Construction trends won’t be complete without the tankless water heater. When you try to modernize everything in your home, installing a tankless water heater is a must. Just like your kitchen appliances, tankless heating has more to offer than you know. Why a tankless heater should be part of your remodeling project?

custom home builder jupiter1. It’s energy-efficient

Conserving energy should be a priority. As much as you can, you should go the extra mile to save money and conserve energy. Unfortunately, the idea is often challenging when it comes to utilizing electricity. A tankless water heater can help you save energy. If you consider efficient models, you can also save as much. Take a little time to plan your tankless water heater installation as each situation may be different.

2. Unlimited hot water

If you want to make the switch, the promise of unlimited hot water will help you make the final decision. Tankless heaters can fulfill this promise because of its ability to rapidly transfer water to the water fixture so you’ll have an unlimited supply. The tankless heater can create hot water continuously for all of your devices.

3. Longer lifespan

Aside from unlimited hot water, tankless water heaters have a longer lifespan, which means that anyone who invests in tankless heaters can have a great value for money. On average, a tankless water heater can last up to twenty years depending on the model you consider. A conventional water heater only lasts up to ten years. There are also electric models that have a lifetime warranty when you install it properly.

Consider the Value!

When considering a home remodeling project, you should start tackling the structural flaws or mechanical problems first. Whether the purpose of remodeling is to upgrade your home or sell it, it’s crucial to take care of the potential problems. Before you focus on following the construction trends, you should check any electrical issue and other costly problems down the road. It’s the first thing to do when you are starting a home improvement project.

While it can be tempting to consider a bunch of upgrades to make your home or condo more attractive, it might not be a good idea if you’re living in a modest neighborhood. Having the nicest home will make it difficult for you to dispose the property at a price you think reflects the upgrades done. In a buyer’s market, you will need to take a few things into consideration. The upgrades you made will not be the sole price indicator. When you go over the top, it might be difficult for you to sell your home within the next five years.

Making inexpensive improvements is practical if you plan to sell your home. Simple changes like decluttering and cleaning your home can work wonders. Adding wallpaper or fresh paint can also contribute to the overall cleanliness of your home. There’s no need to consider expensive remodeling. Identify the changes that you consider to be beneficial and be sure to focus your efforts on those areas. For your construction management needs, be sure to put your trust in custom home builder Palm Beach. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that experts are helping you build a valuable home.

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