Choose an Experienced Hurricane Home Builder in Palm Beach, FL

hurricane home builder palm beach flHurricane season started this week on June 1st. With over 20 years experience building custom homes in Palm Beach, FL- Steve Cury Construction is very familiar with what it takes to make a home able to withstand hurricanes. Knowledge of the latest building codes, strategies to make a home more wind resistant, quality materials and skilled labor are some of the key components you want to look for in your hurricane home builder here in Palm Beach, FL.

We use the following building components to build your home able to withstand hurricanes:

  • Making sure your windows and doors are hurricane resistant. Whether it be through impact glass or utilizing hurricane shutters, Steve Cury Construction is required through the state of Florida to make sure your windows are hurricane resistant. We take this seriously and go one step further in recommending the best quality and most proven products to make your windows and doors hurricane resistant. We go above and beyond state building codes to give you the best protection possible.
  • Wood or concrete for hurricane wind resistance? We will work with you and the architect to see if wood or reinforced concrete is the best choice for your home. Wood provides flexibility in high winds, which can be beneficial to a home under the stress of high winds. Reinforced concrete is a very strong, dense type of concrete that can withstand the destructive power of high winds. Whichever you choose, we will make sure these materials are used correctly to have the maximum strength against the abuse of hurricanes.
  • Wind resistant roofs and roof decks. As the highest point on your home, we make sure your roof is strapped down and fastened correctly to your home. Even more specifically with roofs, the proper materials are crucial. You don't want the components of your roof failing during high winds. We will work your architect to make sure the correct design and materials are used for your hurricane home construction.

When choosing your custom home builder, you want to make sure you are considering their experience as a hurricane home builder as well. Call us today at (888) 240-1192 to discuss how we can build your home to withstand the forces of hurricanes here in Palm Beach, FL.

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