The time to beautify your outdoor living space is now when the trend is hitting its peak. Gone are the days of basic green lawns and uninspired backyards. The design world is ushering in the trend of indoor-outdoor experience, where you extend your living and entertaining space into your front and backyard. With custom home builders working on your aesthetic, you can ensure that you create the perfect outdoor space, right from the start!

 Porches are the Star of Custom Home Design

There are so many designs when it comes to porches that you can add to your home. To help you decide on which on best suits your personal preference, here are some porch trends for 2017.  Once you choose your favorite, you can start designing your architecture to complement your favorite look!

  • Indoor Furniture

One way to customize your porch is by adding indoor furniture into the outdoor living space. Add a comfortable couch, a coffee table, an ottoman, a thick blanket and a lot of throw pillows to really infuse that warmth and comfort you usually find in an indoor entertainment area. That way your porch feels like it is an extension of the other rooms in your house and transitions seamlessly to rest of the house.

Stay away from sleek, very contemporary furniture for your porch. Using wood and other natural materials is the trend for outdoor design this year. Go for a rural and more rustic feel with your outdoor space, so you can add mismatched chairs and side tables. Then add that weathered lived-in look that designers aim for in their porch designs.

  • Relaxing Coastal Colors

Because the outdoor area is often warm and sunny, a great way to contrast but still play into that bright feel is by using a cool and coastal color palette. It’s includes a lot of blues, soft greens, and ivory. The goal is a very authentic resort vibe. This is also a great way tp introduce different textures like faux fur throw pillows and woven blankets in the same color family but in different shades. It adds so much interest without taking from the cohesion of this outdoor area.

  • Retro and Rattan

Vintage shops are your best friend for this trend because rattan and other wicker products are all the rage this year for porch furniture. The trend is to add mismatched pieces of natural, woven type of wood furniture that really give you that retro feel. Update this look by painting the traditionally brown pieces with brighter colors, like blue or mustard. They’re a great anchor for the palette for your porch and they’re also very on trend.


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