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new home construction west palm beachIf you are currently looking for a home to purchase here in the West Palm Beach area, you may be looking at the current inventory of homes for sale and trying to make a decision about what is best for you. If you are getting frustrated with the inventory and not finding the right choice for you, maybe a new home might be the answer.

Here is a breakdown of the top reasons choosing to build a new home with a new home builder in West Palm Beach might be the best choice for your family.

  • You can customize it! Building a new home allows you full control of the structural design, interior finishes and exterior details you prefer. Remodeling an existing home definitely still gives you the ability to customize to some extent, but unless you tear the house down- the structure of the house is the structure of the house. Rather than having to put aside a renovation budget, think about just being able to customize to your desire from the start.
  • New homes are more energy-efficient. Every year building codes are updated to improve energy efficiency and wind-resistance- huge factors here in West Palm Beach! New homes who meet the updated building codes means you won't have to worry about reinforcing an existing structure to be wind resistant in the case of a tropical storm or hurricane. The energy efficiency of new insulation products and building methodologies will also allow you to see a savings in your energy bill.
  • New homes use green appliances. New water heaters and air conditioners are much more "green" than those that exist in homes built years ago. When you build a new home, you have the option to purchase new appliances that will have the latest technology that a home built years ago will not have.
  • It will be longer before new repairs are needed. Simply put- your house will be new, so the roof, air conditioning units, appliances, etc will simply have a number of years ahead of them before they need to be replaced or repaired. Purchasing an older home means these repairs will be more imminent and need to be considered in your renovation budget.

We here at Steve Cury Construction are experienced and capable to handle your renovation or new construction need. Sometimes the simple decision to not build new might be the location of the lot that has an existing house on it. Other times, comparable lots are empty and available to build a new home on. Whatever your construction need, call Steve Cury Construction for our years of experience and commitment to quality.

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