Where to Find Inspiration for Your Custom Home

With luxury custom homes available only a phone call away, a  lot of would-be homeowners are looking for different avenues to make their dream space more interesting, in addition to fitting with their practical needs.  The key is to open yourself up to the diverse designs and styles available to you, so you can compare and assess what you really want.

 Where Luxury Custom Homes Gain Inspiration

To help you design your custom home, here are some amazing ways to gather some inspiration.

Visit Different Communities

There’s no substitute for looking at finished homes and drawing inspiration from them. To make your choices wider and more varied, try to visit different areas with varying trends and aesthetics. Look at beachfront homes in Florida, posh neighborhoods in LA, traditional homes in New Orleans or contemporary designs in New York. You can even visit some of our Palm Beach properties for ideas!  This should help you get a better vision of what you want.

If you have the budget or you’re going on holiday anyway, you can expose yourself to some international designs – from the quaint, colorful homes in small Italian villages to stark white houses in Santorini. The world is your oyster and your home will truly reflect that.

Consult an Architect or Custom Home Designer

Professionals are labeled as such that because that’s exactly what they give you, professional tips and advice. You can talk to them about your general preferences, and they can guide you in a way that will help you to zone in what you want. They can also remind you about the functionality of your home and how you can incorporate certain design elements to make it more fitted to your lifestyle.

Online Boards and Blogs

If you haven’t been on Pinterest or other online vision boards, you should try out an account. This helps you venture into different styles and look at what other homeowners prefer without spending a lot of money. All you have to do is pick out a style. Look it up on the search bar, and it will come up with a lot of results just for you. These sites also allow you to sort your options into different boards that you can go back to, mix and match and customize to your heart’s desire.

You can also try blogs of famous designers or lists of the best homes for a particular style. Apart from the visual, which you can already see if you gravitate towards or not, they also often show the pros and cons of certain designs.

What's your favorite place to get inspiration for your home?  Let us know in the comments below!



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