Custom built homes are a great way for homeowners to personalize their home to their own aesthetic and add features that make their home unique. This is veering away from the restrictive tradition of people viewing already constructed houses and deciding whether they like it or not. Now, there are more and more custom built homes that are inspiring other homeowners to go the same route.

These Designs Will Inspire You When Choosing Your Custom Built Home

To give you a better idea of what a successful custom built home looks like, and some inspiration for your design, here are some of the most famous customized homes in the country.

  • Graceland Mansion

custom built home

This custom built home is most famous for being the King of Rock’s home from 1957 to his death in 1977. However, before Elvis Presley’s 20-year stay, this mansion was actually home to its original owners and designers Dr. Thomas and Ruth Moore. They were also the ones who named this home the Graceland Mansion in honor of a family member.

The Neoclassical architecture is unusually smaller than most people expect it to be. It’s a two-story home with an amazing view of the plains below the hill, where it’s perched. It has a very striking façade, with ornate columns and a classic entrance portico. The interior also matches, with a mostly classic design. If you’re a fan of a classic, luxurious feel, then this is the perfect for you.

  • Xanadu 2.0


If you’re the richest man in the world, it’s normal to own one of the biggest and most popular homes in the world. The Gates family named their $123 million home after Charles Foster Kane’s home, a character in the book, Citizen Kane. This home is technologically advanced – with sensors all over the house – and quirky – with a trampoline room and separate activities area – that’s befitting a fun tech mogul.  This home is customization at its highest level.

  • Vanna Venturi House

customized design

The Vanna Venturi House was originally built by Robert Venturi, an awarded architect, for his mom. Its striking post-modern design is still hailed by many magazines to this day. In the 60s, this home was one of the front-runners in exploring innovative, contemporary design that challenges that conventional rules for building homes. The Venturi home should inspire any homeowner to push boundaries of custom design.

What makes this architecture so distinct and memorable is its celebration of symmetry but in a very distorted manner. It makes the house more interesting and customized. How he adds the same number of windows but place them in very unexpected placed disorients you but, at the same time, keeps your attention.

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