Popular Architectural Custom Home Styles

palm beach custom home builderHave you ever looked at a home and decided that it was too old, or too modern for your likes or tastes? There are may different factors that go into choosing a right home that fits your personality and define who you are. As you look for a home to purchase or build, often times the decision factors come down to the type of archtiecture and style of the home. A home is an important part of who you are and a way to express your style and design.

Some of the top custom home architecture styles here in South Florida:

- Art Deco
- Contemporary
- Mid-Century Modern
- Mederterrian
- Modern
- Ranch Style
- Townhouse
- Spanish
- Farm House

After looking at the list above some will probably peak your interest while others might not be that interesting and you will probably cross them off of your list of styles that fit you and your personality.

Here at Steve Cury Construction, we have expereince building all different types of homes including the ones listed above and much more. Whether it is a simple addition, a exterior or interior re-design to customize your home or even building a new home from the ground up, we have the experience and expertise to make this happen. We have access to architects and home designers that will not only design your homes to your required style and specs, but also will meet all the local building and hurricane codes that are required for your project.

Be sure to look for a builder that has the experience, knolwedge and is locally owned & operated to ensure your project is fully customizable and not just a cookie-cutter standard mold of options that large construction companies offer you with inferior building materials. Remember, building it right the first time is always cheaper than going back and fixing later!

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