What Should You Look For in a Palm Beach General Contractor?

palm beach general contractorIf you do a quick Google search, you will find there are plenty of general contractors to choose from in the Palm Beach area. Choosing the right general contractor is a crucial part of your home renovation or even new home construction. Utilizing our 20 years of experience working with customers, here are a few tips we can offer up.

  • Make Sure They Listen. It is very important that a general contractor listens to what you are trying to communicate to them. They should be able to point out ideas to help you clarify what they want, inconveniences that might be incurred during improvements (if you are remodeling) and give have a good working knowledge of the costs of material and labor here in the Palm Beach area. You want to make sure you general contractor takes the as much time as needed to meet with you  to learn all the details of your construction project. If a general contractor is always wanting to rush through meetings, is vague about details or is consistently- these are red flags that problems might occur once you start the project with them.
  • Flexibility. A good contractor understands that unexpected contingencies will happen during the course of any project- whether new home construction or home remodeling. Look at the contract the general contractor provides you and make sure they give flexibility in the contract itself. Flexibility protects you from getting nickled-and-dimed over unexpected changes. Well-drafted contracts give both parties leeway during the construction project.
  • Project Management. Knowing which trade companies to use, which materials will cause delays and seasonality (like hurricane season here in Palm Beach) is all part of the experience that a general contractor needs to bring to the table. A good way to find this out is to ask about previous issues that had with other projects. A good general contractor with many years experience, like Steve Cury, will immediately be able to give you stories on what happened, how they handled it and the outcome. If you find the response is generic or if they seem to search to find an answer- you may have an inexperienced general contractor on your hands.
  • A good network. It takes a good network of people to successfully bring together a home remodel or new home construction. Your general contractor should have interior designers, architects and real estate agents they work with. This multi-pronged approach means that your general contractor brings in the experts from their fields to make your remodel or new home construction as successfull as possible.

Don't make the decision to choose a general contractor lightly here in the Palm Beach market! View the many testimonials Steve Cury has here on his website or feel free to call us for references. We have successfuly thrived here for 20 years and know what it takes to get home remodel or new home construction job done right.

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