Hurricane Proof Homes A Possibility?

Hurricanes are on everybody’s mind during the height of the hurricane season. Not only do hurricanes affect the south east of the United States but they also affect the entire East Coast and North East. Typically in South Florida, modern houses are created using concrete blocks and back filled with concrete and rebar. However, even though the walls and windows are built and designed for high winds and impact, the weakest link is the roof and trusses. Weather your roof is built with shingle or tile, it’s the structure that holds up the roof that is the problem. The trusses are made of wood and though they offer strength and flexibility, over time they become weaker due to the wind shear forces during a hurricane.  As wind blows across the roof and causes extra downward of force because of its shape. The roof flexes and begins to back out nails and screws potentially causing a structure failure by slowly degrading its structural integrity.

This is why it is so important to have an experienced custom home builder that knows how to build you the strongest hurricane proof home you can have. While it is never guaranteed a home will withstand a hurricane, proper use of materials, straps, tie downs and engineering make a huge distance in determining how hurricane proof your home can be. Steve Cury Construction has the experience, know-how and resources to build you a strong, hurricane proof home. Call today for a free consultation: (888) 240-1192.

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