Home Renovation Trends for Baby Boomers

home renovation palm beach"Baby boomers" account for 76 million of the US population and were born between 1946 and 1964. This generation is the most active generation compared to previous generations and are now at a point in their lives where their kids have grown up and moved out of the house. Because of this, most baby boomers have begun to take on new house projects that fit their life style. These home renovation projects could be on an existing house or even a new house that is being built. So what are the most popular home renovation projects baby boomers are undertaking?

  • Home Offices – Most baby boomers choose to work past the age of 65 and many will. This is due to either a second career, or even part time employment that doesn’t require the daily commute and allows them to enjoy being at home.
  • Technology / Media centers – There are some tech-savvy boomers that enjoy and want to have all of the top of the line electronics in their home and include a surround sound system, large TV, and entertaining areas.
  • Better Lighting / Windows – As we continue to get older we require more light to see better, but we don’t need studies to tell us this, that’s why we look for more lighting options. Along with bigger windows, they are also adding in more light fixtures, lighting under cabinets etc.
  • First Floor Bedrooms / Bathrooms – Let’s face it, as we get older, stairs can become a hassle and also become a hazard especially at night when we might not be paying attention. There are a number of boomers that are moving their bedrooms and bathrooms to the first floor for comfort and convenience.

Are you a baby boomer? Do you have clients that are baby boomers? Having a general contractor that understands the challenges and needs of this age group is necessary to satisfying their needs. If you would like to start a new home renovation project or even home construction project but not sure where to start, call Steve Cury Construction today to schedule a time to discuss your ideas!

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