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custom home builder palm beach flIt's summer time, everybody is enjoying the out doors and you are thinking about adding additional space for you, your family and friends to come over and enjoy. The thought process begins on "what it would be like to have this space" and "what type it of space could it be", finally then you start to think "how it would fit" and  "how much would this cost me"? Any outdoor construction project requires time, thought and financial commitment for everything to come together and make it something that you, family and friends can use and enjoy.   As a palm beach custom home builder, here are some common backyard projects that customers have created and have greatly enjoyed.

  1. Backyard Patio / Deck. A backyard patio or deck is a cost effective great way to grow the space you need to celebrate and enjoy each other in your back yard.
  2. Pool. Having a pool at your disposal is a great way to enjoy company and cool off when it gets too hot outside.
  3. Enclosed Porch. If you enjoy the summer nights watching the sunset from your back porch but don't want to be bothered by bugs and mosquitoes, this may be a great option for you to consider as your next home upgrade.
  4. House Addition / Play room. Even if you don't like to be out doors when its hot outside, but just need that "man cave" or an area to unwind and relax in the A/C, this may be a great addition for you.

Have you ever been in this situation where you have completed the exploratory phase and determined what project would make sense to you and your family, however but have no clue where to even start? Here at Steve Cury Construction we have the experience and the know how to make anything you dream up a reality. With our local contacts here in the Palm Beaches, we have the access to the architectural engineers that can design your new addition or enclosed porch to withstand hurricanes and high winds, or even support the weight of your 100+ guest party that you throw on the weekends and holidays. We also have the experience on how to properly pull permits with the city / county so everything is covered and fully licensed and insured. If you have an idea or project in mind give us a call and we can make that dream a reality... so you can enjoy it as soon as possible!

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