Fire Considerations For Your Custom Home

custom home palm beachOctober is Fire Prevention Month. Thinking about fire prevention is an important consideration when looking at building a custom home. Here are some aspects you should consider when you are putting the plans together for your custom home:

  • Smoke alarms. Every floor of your home should have a smoke alarm.
  • Carbon monoxide alarms. Every flood of your home should have a carbon monoxide alarm. Carbon monoxide is tasteless, odorless, and colorless.  This is one of the worst threats to your home. Thousands of people suffer the effects of this silent killer each year.  Hundreds die from this gas.  Carbon monoxide is produced from the result of a fuel that does not completely burn away.  This leaves deadly gases that cause people to suffer without even knowing it.
  • Fire extinguisher. To avoid small fires like in a kitchen, keep a fire extinguisher on hand. Make sure to incorporate a storage spot for a fire extinguisher in your kitchen.
  • Armor the roof. Think about fire-rated material when looking at what material you are going to use for your roof. Use Class A fire material. Did you know? A steeper pitch on your roof has better fire resistance than a flat one.
    • For your education, there are three classes of fires. Class A fires are wood, paper, cloth, rubber, or trash.  Class B fires consist of liquids, solvents, oil, gasoline, and paints.  Class C fires consist of wiring, controls, motors, machinery or appliances.
  • Make your gutters easy-to-reach. Cleaning your gutters allows you to add another layer of fire-safety. Put together a plan for your custom home that involves being able to clean your gutters periodically.
  • Choose non-flammable siding. Think about making the siding of your home fiber-cement, cultured stone, brick or stucco. These materials will help deter a fire from getting into your home (to a certain extent). Why worry about fires on the outside of the house, especially here in wet Palm Beach? Consider the percentage of fires that get started outdoors:
    • Open Flame (e.g., matches, lighters, burners): 40%
    • Arson (Eastern U.S.): 29%
    • Natural Causes (like a forest fire): 9%
    • Other: 22% (approx.)

We here at Steve Cury Construction always try to keep safety in mind when we are building your custom home. Go with experience and reliability, call Steve Cury Construction today: (888) 240-1192.

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