Which Features Should You Include In Your Custom Home?

custom home west palm beachRecently, the National Association of Realtors took a survey on which home features buyers would be willing to pay more for or be more interested in.  When you are considering building your custom home here in the Palm Beaches, take the following features into consideration to help your resale value down the road.

Most Desired Custom Home Features:

  • Eat-In Kitchen. The survey indicated 40% of buyers are willing to pay more for a house with a eat-in kitchen- up to $1,770 more! People who are raising families (particularly in the 35-54 range) want kitchens that the whole family can use.
  • Stainless Steel Appliances. The survey indicated 41% of buyers are willing to pay around $1,850 more for stainless steel appliances. From a durability standpoint, stainless steel actually requires more upkeep and wears out faster- however most buyers prefer it for it's clean and attractive look.
  • Kitchen Island. Survey said 48% of buyers are willing to pay an extra $1,370 for a kitchen island. Most indicated it was a "very important" characteristic. Why do people want kitchen islands? It provides additional food preparation space and gathering space, providing additional functionality to the home.
  • Ensuite Master Bath. 49% of buyers are willing to pay $2,030 for a master bath that is attached to the master bedroom and has cozy features such as double sinks and showers. People want a bathroom that reflects that "sanctuary" feeling and they can relax, so consider this in your design choices.
  • Granite Counter Tops. 55% of buyers would pay $1,620 more for granite countertops, according to the study. People are looking more for the style and look of the countertops more than anything else. So when you are looking at design elements for your kitchen, quartz, granite or other popular stones are what people are looking for.
  • Walk-In Closets. 60% of buyers would pay $1,350 more for a walk-in closet in their master bedroom. The more walk-in closets the better in  your home. People want the space for themselves, their kids and all the stuff that we accumulate here in the Palm Beaches. The study also indicated that walk-in closets are a status symbol and something they can be proud of, so try to include these in your design in your custom home.

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