Choosing A Neighborhood That Feels Like Home

When you’re house hunting, you always have a list in your head of what a perfect home is for you – recently constructed or renovated, custom homes built on your lot, expansive backyard, 3 rooms, 2 baths and an amazing wrap-around porch. . . Whatever makes it on that list is greatly dependent on your preference and needs. The same should go for whatever neighborhood your dream home should be in.

 Custom Homes Built on Your Lot Can Be a Dream Come True If You Pick the Right Neighborhood

It’s easy to go through the list, thinking a house is great for you, without considering the community that comes with it. Consider this though; these are the people who you will see everyday, whose kids will go to school with your kids and who will go to same gyms, pools and supermarkets. The neighborhood is where you will build a life for the next few years. It will play a great role in whether you enjoy that dream home or not.

To make sure that you have just a perfect a neighborhood as a home, here are a few things you may want to check before settling on “the one”.

Mull on Your Needs and Preferences

As much as you think through your preference in a home, consider what your most important needs are outside of it. Do you need an accessible gym to work out in or do you prefer running outside? Do you have kids going to school? Is it a fair distance? Does it have to be close to your job? Do you want a new, modern neighborhood or a community with history?

These priorities vary per person, and you really have to sit down to contemplate on which ones you consider non-negotiable. You can even look at what your community lacks now that really gets to you, and put that on top your list this time.

Be Ready to Prioritize

In an ideal world, you can get a great home in the neighborhood you want, but that’s not always the case. Before looking houses up, look at your list of neighborhood needs and preferences and prioritize which ones matter more. For example, single, career-oriented people would most likely be closer to the business district than stay in the suburbs. Home hunters with families would rather drive at least an hour to make sure they stay in a gated community, where the neighbors are friendly and the schools are great.  Find land to build on that is in the neighborhood with the most qualities you need.

Do Some Digging

Research is your best friend when choosing the best neighborhood to live in. It’s best to go into your research of what you want and don’t want in a place already determined. Look up the basics, like crime rate, closest parks, restaurants, malls, gyms and supermarkets, what were the original owners of the house like and what the profile of the people currently living there is.


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