Host A Great Summer Shindig In Your New Custom Home

The summer sun is here, so prepare the invites. It’s time to party! As easy and exciting as that sounds, planning a fun, well-executed summer event is challenging, but hopefully, with your new custom home, you have the perfect outdoor space to execute the ideal summer party!

 Custom Home Design Makes Entertaining A Blast!

If you've designed your own custom home, you can ensure that you have some beautiful outdoor space.  Custom home design allows you to create a space that you can use to host your summer parties.  Then, get ready to start planning!  After all, it’s all about coming up with creative ideas and hosting like a pro. Here are some tips for hosting the perfect summer shindig.

  • Keep it Intimate

That doesn’t mean a party of 4 or less. In fact, invite all your closest friends. Intimacy is not about the number; it’s about spending time with people you feel comfortable with.

When you keep the party close, you usually know what your guests will like, and chances are you also enjoy the same things. That means you don’t have to spend a long time fretting about what food they’ll love, games they’ll enjoy or set-up they’ll appreciate. You must have an inkling.

  • Get Some Help


One of the surefire signs of a summer party going downhill is when you don't have time to greet or spend time with your guests.  Consider preparing everything in advance, or, if manageable, hiring a caterer.  Creating a self-service station for drinks makes things easy and allows you to mingle without constantly needing to anticipate your guest's needs.  A fun punch or mix adds an extra element and can serve as a signature drink.

  • Let the Guests Help

There’s this party trend now, “pitch in”, that everyone should try. “Pitching in” means that guests can come and contribute anything to the party. This can be food, décor or their service. This lightens the load that you have, and you can also involve your guests in things they’re good at. For example, a friend who owns a restaurant can show off his recipes and your events planner sister can help with the décor. This way, not only are they coming to a party, they’re also networking. Their contribution is the ice breaker, and people have a great time with it!

What are your favorite summer party tips?  Share them with us in the comments below!


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