10 Reasons to Live in Palm Beach, Florida

When people hear the words Palm Beach, most of them imagine a paradise escape that brings them closer the beach and the breeze. That’s all true, but in reality, Palm Beach is actually an amazing residential area as well. Not only are you a stone's throw away from the ocean, where you can finally do those dreamy, regular walks on the beach, but you can also live the city or suburban life you’re used to. Custom home builders in Florida can provide you with a home where you want to live. To help convince you just how amazing Palm Beach is, here are 10 reasons why you should pack up and move to the beautiful Palm Beach.

Custom Home Builders in Florida Give You Ten Reasons to Live in Palm Beach

1. It’s home to varied communities.

Contrary to what many think, Palm Beach is actually a culturally and socially diverse area to live. It has communities so upscale that it’s home to only 240 people. Streets are made to look like country clubs, and everything is fancy and thought out. There are also suburban areas, perfect for starting families and domestic couples. Conversely, there are also densely populated areas which remind you of New York, except you get a scenic beach view.

2. The beach is more than enough reason to stay.

If you’re the type to really take advantage of the ocean, be it through surfing, swimming or just being around it, then a beachfront home is perfect for you.

3. You get to live a balanced lifestyle.

Because most of Palm Beach is exposed to both beautiful beaches that remind you of an amazing vacation and the perks of city living, it’s easier to maintain a work-life balance, killer professional by day and romantic walks on the beach at night.

4. There are a lot of places to entertain you.

Palm Beach has everything from the nuke-proof bunker sights and the scuba diving experience to boating and festivals. You take your pick.

5. The nightlife is amazing.

There are streets upon streets filled with bars and clubs to suit your taste. That and the festivals during the summer will keep your nightlife fully booked.

6. They have a culturally diverse population.

Palm Beach is home to different races, cultures and ethnicities from all over the world. This tourist destination is often too good to leave, so some people end up finding a home in one of the communities there.

7. It’s sunny and warm.

There are so many people who run after the warm weather like it’s some delicacy. The winters are never harsh, and the summers are perfect for strolls and hanging out. This natural gift of good climate is thanks to the current from the Gulf of Mexico.

8. Choices for restaurants are diverse.

Because Palm Beach is home to different cultures, it’s only expected that it will also be represented in their food. There’s so many to choose from – Japanese, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Indian and so much more.

9. You won’t have to worry about a state income tax.

Other than federal income tax, you don’t have to worry about paying the government any more money.

10. The airport is better than most of the country.

If you enjoy traveling or your family visits a lot, then it must matter what airport your home has. Palm Beach International Airport is one of the best in the country. The service is great and the lines are short – two things you’ll want from any airport.



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