Is Your Custom Home Builder Getting You Maximum Home Insurance Savings?

custom home builder palm beach flWhen you are considering building a custom home or are looking at remodeling your current home, you want to make sure you want to incorporate features that will save you in the long run with your home insurance.

Here are some tips that your custom home builder or remodeler should recommend to save you a bundle on home insurance!

  • Use cement block. Homes built with masonry construction (cement block) offer significant value, protection and strength compared to a home built with wood or metal frame. Cement block will make your stronger and more protected in the hurricanes that we experience here in Palm Beach- and save hundreds on your homeowners insurance.
  • Make sure hurricane straps are used on your roof. This is apart of the construction code for South Florida, however you want to make sure your custom home builder really fortifies your roof and straps it down to the structure of your home utilizing quality materials. You want to make sure your roof is secured from flying debris and high winds. If your roof is properly secured, you may qualify for a wind mitigation discount from your homeowners insurance. There is also a type of roof that offers the largest homeowners discount (32% reduction in premium!) and it's called a "hip" roof (roof that is sloped on all sides).
  • Look at your proximity to fire hydrants and fire stations. When you are researching your perfect lot for your custom home, consider this: homes 1,000 feet from a fire hydrant or 5 miles from a fire station will garner a discount on your home insurance.
  • Consider your location. Palm Beach is a beautiful place to build a custom home. However, living on the water raises your home insurance rates. Consider the spacious lots that exist out west of town that will significantly lower your homeowners insurance rates. Living in a gated community can also garner a homeowners insurance discount.
  • Home features to incorporate. Some of the things you can consider incorporating in your custom home are burglar alarm systems, fire alarm and indoor sprinkler systems. All of these things will garner a discount on your homeowners insurance.

Steve Cury Construction knows all the home features and code that will help you maximize your budget- not only during the custom home construction process or home remodeling process- but for the long run to save you on things like home insurance. Call us today to utilize our knowledge, skills and expertise for your custom home or home remodel: (888) 240-1192.

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