Why Choose an American Home Builder?

american home builder palm beach flAs the housing market begins to pick back up slowly, many custom home builders vie for attention from potential home buyers. But as a potential home buyer- why go local? Why choose an American home builder?

Steve Cury Construction has a few answers to this question:

  • Choose your custom home builder as carefully as you choose your home layout. Custom home builders understand how complex a home's systems can be, know the detail that a custom home needs and understand the various contractors that will get the job done in a quality manner. Unfortunately, large corporations that build homes generally go for the lowest bidder to do the work... this may not get you the highest quality home.
  • Know what you want. The type of home, location and price range all make a huge determination in which type of american home builder to choose. Once you figure out these main desires, you can find a custom home builder that specializes in that area. Want a beach home? Find a custom home builder that has experience building on the beach. Want a condo remodel? Find a custom home builder that has experience doing condo remodels. Make sure your custom home builder is able to match up to the goal you have for your home.
  • Successful American home builders have happy LOCAL customers. You could go with a custom home builder who is national or out of state, but you don't have a way to check their references or get local testimonials. Knowing that a custom home builder like Steve Cury Construction understands the Palm Beach market, has built a customer base that is willing to speak to future customers gives you the confidence and ease of mind that your custom home construction will go well.
  • Expensive homes do not equal high quality. Just because a custom home builder has a repertoire of high-end homes they have built, does not mean those homes are high quality. Look at the quality of the construction. Inspect the cabinetry, carpeting, trimwork and paint. Get the specifics on what materials were used and make sure you understand that your custom home builder is going to use the best quality materials which still managing your budget.

Steve Cury Construction prides itself on quality construction, quality workmanship and local experience for over 15 years. We are more than willing to let you talk to our previous customers and inspect our work. Call us today to see what a quality american home builder can get you- (888) 240-1192.

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