What Can Go Wrong With a Custom Home Builder?

custom home builder palm beach flAs construction here in the state of Florida continues to expand you may choose to have your house built by a custom home builder or contractor rather than buy an existing home. However, this may give you a false sense of security if you do not know what to look out for during new home construction or adding on an addition to your home. There are a number of issues that can arise during this construction process, but do you know what they are?

Below are some common items we hear when we talk to new clients.

  • The contractor knows what’s right. Because most buyers lack the necessary knowledge of the building process, they forgo control and look to the builder for guidance.   This reliance on the builder to know what the end product should be can cause a lot of confusion and assumptions that can cost a lot of money down the road.
  • Builders fail to visit the construction site before construction begins. It is important to walk the site prior to construction to make sure something is not over looked or if something needs to be changed when construction begins. If the builder does not visit the site prior to starting the job, the builder might look to you to pay these extra unexpected fees.
  • Builders fail to make progress construction inspections due to subcontracting out the work. It is quite common that if a subcontractor makes a mistake that will cost him money to remedy, they are likely to hide the mistake rather than fix it. If your builder, who hired the subcontractor, does not inspect or review this work and catch it- then you will end up with the cost down the road when it is discovered.

Here at Steve Cury Construction we have built many residential and commercial properties across the state of Florida and have experience on site survey, architecture designs and construction planning.

Our Commitment to You:

  • During this process before we break ground, we perform site surveys, and also perform incremental inspections to ensure that the job is done right the first time and to your satisfaction.
  • We will work with you every step of the way because we know that our customers are our number one priority.

If you have a project that you would like to start, give us a call at (888) 240-1192 and we can go over your dreams and ideas and turn them into a reality!

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