Build Your Home to Be Energy Efficient

energy efficient home palm beachDid you know that there are some great environmental benefits from building a home out of concrete? By choosing to build a house out of concrete allows for:

  • the ability to use recycled materials
  • improves indoor air quality
  • reduces the possibility of mold growing
  • minimizes construction waste
  • reduces the pressure on precious natural resources.

By doing this you are replacing lumber used in traditional frame construction, with an environmentally friendly and potentially recycled product. During the building and manufacturing process, waste is negligible and helps reduce your overall building costs.

The FHA has created an Energy-Efficient Mortgage (EEM) program to help achieve national energy-efficiency goals. By doing this, it reduces pollution and provides better housing for people who might not otherwise be able to afford it. In order to qualify for this, the home must be evaluated according to the Home Energy Rating System. This requires a home to exceed energy codes by 30 percent. The Home Energy Rating system awards stars on a scale of one to five.

If you would like to discuss ways to make your existing home more energy efficient, are thinking about a remodel or even building a new house, give Steve Cury Construction a call at (888) 240-1192. We have years of experience in building homes and have engineers ready to design your next home or project above and beyond code standards. This will not only save you money on your mortgage and money on your energy bills.

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