Balancing Cost vs. Quality With a Custom Home Builder

custom home builder palm beachIt’s a situation architects and us as custom home builders face each and every day: how to balance the cost of home construction with using quality materials and tradesman, while still staying in budget? As we all know, clients want their dollars to go as far as they can. It’s our obligation as professional custom home builders and designers to stick as close to that as possible to that requirement… but at what cost of hurting the project’s original design?

We here at Steve Cury Construction take a simple approach to this ongoing struggle: strict quality standards.

We firmly believe when it comes to custom home construction, you get what you pay for. Cutting corners to stretch the budget a little more is a temporary fix, but at the end of the day- quality remains for years to come.

What quality building elements do we pay most attention to?

  • Finishes and integrity of the product. An extra investment into quality finishes and high quality building products will pay dividends in two ways 1) your construction project will last the test of time and 2) you will gain a reputation with your clients for delivering a high-quality product. Why compromise those two very important things? As the old saying goes, a little extra quality goes a long way past the quick fulfillment of a lessor product.
  • Better materials to withstand the elements in South Florida. With the tropical weather, high humidity and intense sun we experience here in the Palm Beaches, another consequence of choosing lesser quality materials is they will deteriorate very quickly- causing dissatisfaction with your client.
  • Hiring quality trades. You can purchase the best materials on the market, but if they are not installed and constructed correctly, have you gained anything? It’s important to make sure you work with a custom home builder that knows the local trades and who is the best to work with in the Palm Beach market.


In summary, don’t risk the precious architect-client relationship with a builder that won’t produce the quality a custom home deserves. Choose us here at Steve Cury Construction who differentiates ourselves with quality materials and high standard construction methods- no short cuts here. Here’s to keeping quality first!

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