2014 Trends in New Home Construction and Remodeling

As architects and designers, we always want to stay on top of the latest trends our mutual customers are going to want to incorporate in their remodel, renovation or new home build.

condominium renovations west palm beachSo what are the latest consumer reports showing that home owners (or potential home owners) in the Palm Beaches looking for?

  • U-Socket. What is that, you say? A u-socket is the type of socket that features two USB ports to allow mobile devices (like tablets, mobile phones, digital cameras and even laptops) to charge without using a lot of electricity.
  • No tubs, please. Homeowners are preferring the sleeker look of a shower vs. the traditional tub. Whether they want to incorporate a shower in a new home build or renovate for a more spacious shower- tubs are out for now.
  • More interesting kitchens. Gone are the days of rows of cabinets. Now those who are looking to remodel or build are looking for variation, interest and even a place to hang art in their kitchen. This includes different sizes of cabinets, floating shelves without doors and open spaces.
  • Designs that fit multiple generations. More and more families are living together with their aging parents, collage-age kids or even older children that might have their own young families. This presents new ideas in the structure and design of a home- such as wheelchair-accessible hallways & sinks, walk in showers and even simple things like motion-sensing faucets.
  • Downsizing. As older Americans age, they are looking to live in smaller spaces closer to urban areas. Aging in place becomes a major concern as they look for a home that will accommodate them as they might become disabled in older age. Designs and architecture with this is mind are becoming more and more in demand.

Being intimately involved here in the Palm Beach market, we here at Steve Cury Construction understand the trends and demands of this local market. Contact Steve Cury Construction today to learn how we can help you renovate, remodel or build the custom home of your dreams.


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