Palm Beach Interior Design Trends

Now that you've built your custom designed home in Palm Beach, it's time to decorate! Palm Beach is known for opulent, beachside homes.  It’s no wonder that the community is seen as one of the pillars of interior design in the country, mastering the mix between beach chic with whatever the chosen style of the homeowner is.  To get caught up with how Palm Beach homeowners are redecorating and updating their homes, here are the latest interior design trends from Palm Beach.

These Design Trends for Your Custom Designed Home in Palm Beach will Blow You Away!

  • Let The Green In

The color trend that most Palm Beach homes are adding is nature’s favorite color, green. Not only is it perfect for summer and the beach, it’s also the perfect way to add warmth and life to any home, without making it too dark for a beach-front property. You don’t have to do anything drastic, like paint an entire room green or add green accent walls. You can start small by introducing plants or green-dominant art in your home. Some throw pillows and candles in green would even do the trick.

  • Say Goodbye to Dark Wood, and Hello to Ceruse Wood

There was time when darkwood seeped into almost every home, including Palm Beach homes. Most of you would think that’s a little too heavy handed, especially if everything around you is too light – like the breeze and the water. Somehow, they made it work then. You don’t worry though because the trend is going the opposite way this year. Interior designers and homeowners in Palm Beach are loving ceruse wood finishes. It’s a lot lighter, making any room feel airy, contemporary and trendy.

  • Time to Try Texture

This is the year to experiment layering different fabrics for accents walls and throw pillows on the couch. You can pair expensive leather and velvet with light airy cotton materials to achieve more dimension in your space. This is a great way to section wide open spaces or make small rooms appear bigger than they are. There is a world of choices available when it comes to texture. Be brave with your design choices and try something different.

  • Jewel Is In

Jewel tones are not just making headlines in fashion. They’re also one of the most common additions to Palm Beach homes. These pops of jewel tones make any space look more extravagant and sophisticated without going over-the-top. You can introduce a purple love seat or teal drapes. You can even try a ruby couch if you’re feeling adventurous. This is a great way to contrast the airy feel of beach homes.

What design trends are you loving?  Let us know in the comments below!


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