Condo Decor Tips to Keep Your Home Stylin’

Keeping your condo in Palm Beach looking newly decorated can be tricky, especially if you have limited space. In our industry, we have to stay apprised of the latest trends when it comes to construction and design. This includes decorating.

Keep Your Condo in Palm Beach Newly Decorated with These Tips

Because of the layout, condo decorating has become a creative art. Here are some of the latest condo decor trends to spruce up your space.

Seasonal Switches

A simple and fun way to decorate your condo and keep it fresh, without taking up any additional space, is to make seasonal exchanges. Swap the pictures on the wall for ones that depict a holiday scene or summerscape. Create a festive and modern wall piece with paper lights or decorations to add a seasonal touch. Exchange your regular throw pillows for a darker or lighter color or design. Purchase a bright or white throw rug to give your room a cozy and festive feel during the holidays, and swap it for a more neutral color to open up the space during the Spring.


Not everyone has the space to hang decor throughout their home. Try embellishing the items you already have! Decorate your mirrors with garland or floral arrangements. Use the fireplace as a blank canvas for your decor, and update your photos based on the time of year. Dress up your dining table chairs with elegant backers. It’s all in the details!

Party Time

If you’re hosting a party but dread cleaning up a full house of decorations, use functional party supplies as your temporary decor. Themed place card holders can add a decorative touch. Set up a bar area and add some decorative touches, like cranberries or raspberries in a bowl and a golden ice bucket. Decorative china and colored wine glasses can make a stunning table without even adding a decoration. Get creative with your hosting, and you’ll be able to skip the over-decorating.

Atmosphere is Everything

Sometimes the visual aspect isn’t all it takes to make your home feel fresh and new. You can easily get a brand new feeling every time you walk in by playing with the creation of different atmospheres. Lighting and smell are the two main components in this technique. Try cinnamon brooms, holiday candles, or a pot of simmering holiday spices on the stove to bring the holiday smell through your condo. When it’s spring, keep fresh flowers, or citrus scented candles, or hang dry your laundry for that fresh linen scent. Change up lighting depending on your mood and the feeling you want to have when you get home. Atmosphere can create a feeling even more than the most elaborate decorations.

If you live in one of our condos, you have a special kind of home. Let the atmosphere you want to create be displayed throughout your condominium with these fun decorating and design tips.


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