Recommended Updates for Older Homes

Many homeowners purchase or inherit older homes.  Although this could be an affordable option, the convenience factor and advancements that have been made in construction are important factors to consider.

Home Renovations for Your Older Home

Regardless of how you got your old home, it’s important that you constantly update it for two reasons. The first is more functional. Since these homes are older, there are parts of it that are not as useful as they once were. For example, if you prefer an open home, then there’s not much use for divisions from the living area and the dining room.  If you have a home built before certain advancements are made, your home may not be energy efficient.

The second reason has more to do with aesthetic. Is the look of the home you? If it’s not, then you can commit to small projects that can gradually incorporate more of your personal style into it.

To help you bring your older home into 2017, here are some projects you may want to consider having done.

  • Say bye-bye to exposed utilities

Unless you’re living in an industrial home with artistic exposed pipes, you need to sort the hangings and features you have in your home. Most old homes have bulky pipes, and old air conditioning units and heaters. Covering them up can instantly update the look of your home.

  • Paint and Wallpaper

Repainting your home is a good way to turn up its appeal in the style department. You can change the vibe of the room from washed out to contemporary and bright. Try accent walls to create some interest in a space or go with a pop of color to make a room stand out. You can also opt for classic colors that can truly bring out the elegance of an old home.

If you want to try out a pattern or you don’t want to commit to a particular color just yet, try wallpapers. There’s such a wide array of them that you can find something that suits your taste no matter what that is. Which ever you choose, you would be happy to know that these relatively affordable upgrades that can truly change the look of your home.

  • Value the Old, but Bring in the New

There are a lot of trendy accents that you can add to an old home to update it, and bring it into this century. Some examples are colorful shutters, artisan doors, an architectural mailbox or a completely tiled bathroom.  Modernizing your bathroom and kitchen are two major upgrades that will transform your home. You can look up different Pinterest boards or speak to a home renovation company for advice on the most recent trends.


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