Interior Designers in Palm Beach

Palm Beach is known for high-class interiors and innovative design. It's not surprising that a lot of design blogs are born out of this area. It’s the resort destination of the country and the winter escape for the rich, the famous and the overworked. That’s because when you think Palm Beach, you’re instantly transported to a vacation paradise, and most the homes here reflect that.  When it comes to external design and architecture, Steve Cury Construction is the place to find the latest trends.  When you want to make sure your interior design matches the exceptional way you design your custom home, you hire one of these Palm Beach designers- or at least visit their web pages!

Follow These Designers for Ideas on How to Design Your Custom Home

The motivation to keep innovating on designs trickles down to the blogs of many famous interior designers and home enthusiasts. They’re inspired by the modern landmarks and the beautiful landscape. Some these sites are just a cut above the rest, and you definitely have to visit them for some interior design ideas.

  • Gil Walsh

She has been in the industry for the last 4 decades and has been a dedicated emissary of classic design. Her interior design aesthetic is reflective of her refined taste and classic training from French, Italian and English masters. As a young adult, Gil was always fascinated with design. She was known to have a polished fashion sense, and eventually, that turned into her fascination for architecture and interior design.

As a testament to her good eye and constant pursuit of studying design, she has been involved in over $200,000-worth of interior design projects, accumulated awards locally in the last few decades and a local design legend. If you’re looking for a classic, upscale and refined home, Gil is the perfect interior designer for you. You can visit her site,, for more information.

  • Allison Paladino

Known internationally for unique design philosophy, Allison is not just an interior designer but also the owner of her own luxury furniture company. She’s a very outgoing designer whose aesthetic is a mix of interesting modern designs, the elaborate prints of French Deco and the incredible pieces by George Nakashima. Some would say they don’t fit, but her global client base would beg to differ. Look up her site,, to see her portfolio.

  • Mimi McMakin

Deeply rooted in the history of Palm Beach, Mimi’s family has been living in the area for over a century. You can expect her aesthetic to fully embrace the tradition and beauty that is Palm Beach. She has been a designer for the last 4 decades and has built a reputation as the area’s most whimsical designer. She has also received a lot of praise for her restoration work. Because of her amazing designs and great customer service, she was able to grow her company, Kempe, into the national brand that it is now. Her daughter manages their New York office, allowing them to broaden then client pool. If you want to know about Mimi’s work or Kemble, visit their site:



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