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There is something very calming about an airy, beach-themed home. It reminds homeowners and guests of resorts and amazing holidays they could be having in some exotic country like the Maldives or Indonesia. Imagine waking up to that every morning.  That's what it's like to live in Palm Beach and the reason why more and more homeowners are opting for Florida custom homes that can capture this design aesthetic.

 Florida Custom Homes Look Great with These Inspirational Designs

If you’re thinking about revamping your home and you’re looking for some design inspiration, here are some posts from different blogs that can help.

  • Home Bunch


This site did a total makeover of a lighthouse-inspired home and turned it into an adorable coastal-themed space. It’s like having summer in your house all year round. Home Bunch’s approach to this transformation was to stick with a light, beach palette – which meant a lot blues and greens. They also stuck with a lot of pastel accents to keep the room airy but interesting.

Another thing that you can see with their design, and most coastal themes in general, is that they’re cozy and functional. They’re the ideal theme if you’re fan of laid back style, and you don’t want your home to appear uptight and unlived in.

  • Country Living


Country Living is a lifestyle site that tackles everything from amazing food and wine and combinations to interior tips every homeowner needs to hear. The site did an entire post detailing the many ways you can transform your home to capture that beachy and breezy look. They have different wallpaper ideas, gallery walls, headboard DIYs, signal flag decorations and color palettes that will work with any home. The changes you can make can range from expensive, home-wide remodels to affordable DIYs that can transform any home to a beach-like retreat.

  • Glam Pad


Glam Pad is a rich resource if you’re looking for a variety of ways to introduce the beach feel to your home. The only common denominator is each home feature is glamorous, but completed with a light-handed design approach. There are classic Miami Beach homes, complete with ornate archways and expensive furniture. There are contemporary beachfront properties, with minimal furnishings, a light palette and stand out nautical pieces. You’ll even find a more feminine version of beach homes, where the dominant colors are pastel blue, green and pink. The site will show you that there are many ways to make your home feel a bit more coastal, while still infusing personal touches to it.

What's your favorite out of the blogs we've picked?  Let us know in the comments below!

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