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Want to make sure your home can withstand the tropical depressions and hurricanes Palm Beach throws your way? Trust Steve Cury Construction to be your hurricane home builder.

Hurricane Proof Homes A Possibility?

Hurricanes are on everybody’s mind during the height of the hurricane season. Not only do hurricanes affect the south east of the United States but they also affect the entire East Coast and North East. Typically in South Florida, modern houses are created using concrete blocks and back filled with concrete and rebar. However, even…
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Build Your Home to Be Energy Efficient

Did you know that there are some great environmental benefits from building a home out of concrete? By choosing to build a house out of concrete allows for: the ability to use recycled materials improves indoor air quality reduces the possibility of mold growing minimizes construction waste reduces the pressure on precious natural resources. By…
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High Velocity Hurricane Zone: Beach Front Living

Living in Florida is a great experience. However, living close to or on the beach is a dream for many. With this beauty and this lifestyle does come with some challenges and warnings. When living on or near the beach this is typically called a "High Velocity Hurricane Zone" (HVHZ). Because of this HVHZ this…
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