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The Endless Possibilities of Custom Home Design

The beauty of a custom home is you are your own designer. If you want to live in your dream home, then this probably the best approach to getting what you want. Custom homes are the perfect choice if you want to build a house in Palm Beach, especially for people who want a little…
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The Myths Surrounding Custom Homes

Designing and watching your custom home construction can be a wonderful experience. Many times, however, there are reasons that people are skeptical to look into the possibility of custom homes.  There are several myths that surround custom home building that can deter people from ever exploring it as a viable option.  Here are some of the most…
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Famous Custom Designed Homes

Custom built homes are a great way for homeowners to personalize their home to their own aesthetic and add features that make their home unique. This is veering away from the restrictive tradition of people viewing already constructed houses and deciding whether they like it or not. Now, there are more and more custom built…
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Host A Great Summer Shindig In Your New Custom Home

The summer sun is here, so prepare the invites. It’s time to party! As easy and exciting as that sounds, planning a fun, well-executed summer event is challenging, but hopefully, with your new custom home, you have the perfect outdoor space to execute the ideal summer party!  Custom Home Design Makes Entertaining A Blast! If…
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