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If you want quality condo remodeling ideas for the Palm Beach area, look no further! Steve Cury Construction is experience in condo remodels and knows how to work with your HOA.

Common Home Renovations for Beach Properties

When you have a beach property, your style of living is different from other people's. This means that when you decide to renovate your home, you may be looking for different updates than the average consumer.  As experts in Palm Beach home renovations, we have discovered a few trends when it comes to renovating beach…
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Recommended Updates for Older Homes

Many homeowners purchase or inherit older homes.  Although this could be an affordable option, the convenience factor and advancements that have been made in construction are important factors to consider. Home Renovations for Your Older Home Regardless of how you got your old home, it’s important that you constantly update it for two reasons. The…
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Beach Interior Design Blogs We Love

There is something very calming about an airy, beach-themed home. It reminds homeowners and guests of resorts and amazing holidays they could be having in some exotic country like the Maldives or Indonesia. Imagine waking up to that every morning.  That's what it's like to live in Palm Beach and the reason why more and more homeowners are…
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Tips for Finding Land in Palm Beach

Unlike communities in other major cities, Palm Beach is the perfect combination of vacation bliss – thanks to its beautiful beaches – and urban convenience – with all the necessities of city life right at your fingertips. You can choose a beachfront home that puts you right across from the ocean every day while living…
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