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There is something very calming about an airy, beach-themed home. It reminds homeowners and guests of resorts and amazing holidays they could be having in some exotic country like the Maldives or Indonesia. Imagine waking up to that every morning.  That's what it's like to live in Palm Beach and the reason why more and more homeowners are…
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Host A Great Summer Shindig In Your New Custom Home

The summer sun is here, so prepare the invites. It’s time to party! As easy and exciting as that sounds, planning a fun, well-executed summer event is challenging, but hopefully, with your new custom home, you have the perfect outdoor space to execute the ideal summer party!  Custom Home Design Makes Entertaining A Blast! If…
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Real Estate Tips for Selling Your Existing Home

Building your first custom home on your land is exciting, but you still need to sell the home you're in. For most homeowners, that means one of two things. First, or what many would call the lucky ones, you already have a new home waiting for you to move into. You may have inherited the property, or…
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Traditional Build Versus Custom Homes

People's homes are their sanctuary. It’s where they feel the safest, where they rest and recharge and where they spend some quality time with themselves and their family. It’s only logical that they invest the most in building their dream home. Some people save up for years to get to the point where they can afford…
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